Residential Services

Do you need a service upgrade for that new addition or new a/c unit you’re installing? Do you keep looking at that basement with dreams of turning it into a man cave, media room, children’s play area or relaxation station? Are you building that new dream home and want to make sure that you have a fully licensed and insured contractor to avoid any potential risk? At times it seems easier and more cost effective to hire the neighbor or attempt to complete the project yourself to cut corners or trim costs but, then you go to sell your home and you find out the work wasn’t completed to code and it then has to be redone costing you more in the long run or increasing the risk of an electrical fire. Don’t put your life long investment at risk, give us a call for a complimentary quote.

Pool Feeds

Ahhh yes summer is quickly approaching. We look into our backyard and yearn for a dip in a nice refreshing pool!! The thought appeals to us more, we research, we buy and WHAT??? The electrical is not included??? This is the scenario that occurs constantly that part or none of the electrical is included with your beautiful new dream. We can make that dream become a reality, just give us a call!

Hot Tubs

Spring, summer, winter, fall, the wonderful relaxation of a hot tub. As fair season approaches, you begin to research the dream of that mini, year round, island of relaxation.

It’s simple right? We have our hot tub or spa delivered to our staycation destination and we think it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 plug in and hop in … wrong. Common mistakes customers make are, panel size is too small, too old or the cost of the unit doesn’t include a dedicated line or varying other degrees of electrical components. Do your research prior to your purchase, less can end up costing you more $$$.

WE can handle all your RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL Needs

Don’t put your life long investment at risk!